Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Buying some Reaper minis, you can get 5%

I'm going to make a fairly large purchases of Reaper minis over on Minatures-Giant.

If you sign up and use my username pdellorto as your referring member, you'll get 5% of my purchase as a reward - probably around $3-$4. It's found money, so before I click "Check Out" in the next few days you might want to sign up. If you buy stuff I get 5% back, too, so hurrah for both of us. Either way, I thought I'd pass along the chance to get referral cash to you guys. Merry Christmas!


  1. I notice that a) they have a bunch of Bones and b) Bones are pretty cheap, comparatively. I think I remember reading that you had a pretty positive experience painting the bones minis, right? Not that I have ever painted minis, but I might know a guy at work.

    I mean, for a free $3-4 it might be worth it just to make an account and maybe get a representative mini or something, right?

    1. It could be.

      I'll bring some unpainted and painted Bones to game on Sunday, so if you want to see them before you order you can do it then!

      I do have some goblin figures and I'm willing to chop/splice/dice up one to match your guy, too.

    2. And wait, a guy at work paints minis? Does he play RPGs?

    3. Well, I don't know if he paints minis specifically, but he DID paint a very nice 3D-printed scan of another guy's head for a custom bobble-head. So it seems like he's got the chops for it. Since he already has the equipment I thought maybe I could offer him some dollars or something for a custom paint job.

      I feel like Bones would be the way to go though just because of the cost, get the most bang for your buck ;)


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