Sunday, December 1, 2013

Felltower DF NPC: Lean Jean d'Archer

No game this week, so it's another Felltower NPC this Sunday. This guys only lasted a single session, dying horribly and unavoidably, but accidentally. Still, he was statted up so perhaps someone else can use him in their own games.

Lean Jean d'Archer is based on 125 points and the Archer template from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen.

"Lean" Jean d'Archer

Lean Jean is a lean-but-not-quite-skinny man, with somewhat elfin features. He claims he's got a famous sister who pronounces their name "Arc" because she's crap with a bow. He has a long history of shooting people for money, mostly in wartime. He's quite strong despite his narrow frame, and he is a sharp shooter with his bow. He's ruthless and considers the often bow-toting gnolls a personal enemy and loves shooting them.

ST 13 HP 13 Speed 6.25
DX 14 Will 10 Move 6
IQ 10 Per 12
HT 11 FP 11
Dodge 9 Parry (Shortsword) 10

Cheap Shortsword (15): 2d-1 cutting or 1d+1 impale; Reach 1.
Longbow (18): 1d+2 impaling or 1d+2(2) piercing. Acc 3, 260/325.

Traits: Bloodlust (9); Night Vision 4; No Sense of Humor; Obsession (Kill Gnolls); Phobia (Crowds); Weapon Bond (his bow).
Skills: Armoury (Missile Weapons)-10; Bow-17; Brawling-14; Climbing-14; Fast-Draw (Arrow)-16; Fast-Draw (One-Handed Sword)-14; First-Aid-10; Gesture-10; Intimidation-9; Shortsword-15; Stealth-15; Swimming-11; Traps-10.

Gear: Boots (Feet DR 2); Clothing; Large Quiver w/15 each of arrrows and AP arrows; Leather Helm (Skull DR 2); Longbow; Light Leather arms, torso, legs (DR 1); Personal Basics; Sack; Shortsword (Cheap quality).

Notes: I give shortswords thr+1, per Low-Tech. In fact, I use the Low Tech weapon tables whenever they disagree with GURPS Basic Set. This may be due to me being the author of the melee weapons section of GURPS Low Tech. You could probably "upgun" this guy by removing his +1 DX [20 points], lowering all of his DX-based skills by 1, his Speed by 0.25, and giving him Heroic Archer [20] or Weapon Master (Bow) [20]. But although they are allowed for 125-point guys, I prefer to save those traits for the really badass folks - the PCs and major NPCs. Henchmen just don't rate, in my game.

For a miniature, Lean Jean used a very skinny-looking Cardboard Hero I fished out when the PCs decided to try and hire an archer.

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