Saturday, December 7, 2013

Questions on New Power-Ups Answered

If you missed these, over on the SJG forums there were a few questions asked about some of the new Power-Ups for GURPS DF in the most recent issue of Pyramid.

Specifically, Naked Rage and Greater Weapon Bond.

Naked Rage gets clarified here:
Naked Rage Questions

I responded as well, but my interpretation was too strict - I went for "no armor at all" and the real intention is "no damage reduction in places where you have DR." But Sean wrote that one, so his interpretation trumps mine completely! You can ignore the bit that post attributed to me.

Greater Weapon Bond here:
Greater Weapon Bond.

As I said, just in case you missed those.


  1. There were other questions asked, and answered by Kromm - but I realised that a sensible amount of applied common sense answered them. Ie, I was being a little derpy when I asked them.

    I didn't see the need in clotting up the message board with such discussion, but rest assured I'll be sure to quote them later if I see other people fall into the same simple oversights that I did.

    In other news, is there any other news? This is old hat for me =P.

    1. Er, we have game tomorrow. That might be news. :)

    2. That IS news! Informative though the NPC write-ups are, it's your session reports that I look forward to the most :-)

    3. Joseph, I'd play more often if I could!


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