Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Felltower Myths: The Legend of the Magic Sky Fish

A while back, I forwarded this awesome post from roll1d12 to my players:

Xenophobia in the Underworld

One of my friends, Mike, who plays Galen, commented that #1 was arguably true from the perspective of the razorfish and the armored shark that live in some water in Felltower's depths. The same ones which had eaten more than a dozen adventurers and hirelings.

Here was my response:

"From the razorfish perspective, you guys were proof that there is, indeed, a Magic Sky Dwelling Fish God who occasionally rains food down on those who worship him. Generations of razorfish will tell the tale of the Miracle of the Scouts and the Wizards, and how there was so little to eat and then the Sky Dwelling Fish God gave and gave and gave. So much that not all of the food could be eaten, and the Sky Dwelling God took some away to teach them the importance of eating more quickly."

That's the basis of a whole religion, right there, if it wasn't for razor fish having IQ substantially less than 7 and not much of an oral tradition. Besides the tradition of eating people.

Still, I just like saying "The Miracle of the Scouts and the Wizards."

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  1. Maybe the shark is smart enough to be able to come up with it and preach to the little razor fishies in their fishy language. Or something like that...


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