Thursday, January 30, 2014

Striking ST (Surprise Attacks Only) ruling

This one is for reference by my players, since at least one has access to Striking ST (Surprise Attacks Only).

Short version - it only works when the target is both surprised and unable to defend. If either is not true, sorry, it has no effect. That's why it has a (steep) discount of -60%.

The whole thread is here (and dates back originally to 2009!)

The (most relevant) post is this one by Kromm.


  1. Oh! So maybe I am misunderstanding this, but does that mean a Thief cannot Stealth, get behind someone, and then get the benefit of the Striking ST (Surprise Attacks Only)? Or does the Stealth roll then allow for the surprise? I'm coming from the dnd world were surprise is only at the beginning of the combat but maybe I am applying definitions that do not fit the same way.

    1. If I had to rule on this, I'd count a contest of the thief stealth vs. target's Per (adjusted by how distracted the target is), a success would count as a surprise. If the thief is in the rear aspect of the target, there is no defence, which takes care of the second criteria.

    2. Greg, it'll work just fine on a backstab, regardless of when you launch it - if you can get an attack while undetected, against an opponent who has no defenses (because of an attack from behind, for example), you get the bonus. Just make that penalized Stealth check (not so penalized for Galoob) and you'll be okay to benefit from it when you pop up behind someone and stab.


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