Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Roundup

Here a few quick bits that don't quite rise to the level of a full post but I wanted to post regardless!

Melee Academy and GURPS 101 Call For Topics - This is your chance to tell the bunch of us who write those what you'd like to see. It's equally a call for you to join the fun and write posts on those subjects as well.

Pyramid Writer's Group - SJG's Pyramid magazine is a good place to get work published, but writing to SJG's style can be a bit hard at first. So Christopher Rice and others have gotten together a (private email) group to help writers put their articles into shape. Here he is, talking about it. They've already gotten some articles into the pipeline. I'm not involved for reasons of busy-ness plus laziness, but folks with heavy SJG writing resumes are! It's unofficial and not affiliate with SJG, but the guys in it are trustworthy and know their stuff.

Transhuman Space: Wings of the Rising Sun came out. I can be really picky about stuff based on Japan, because I lived there and I speak some Japanese (although incidentally I'm not in general an anime/Japanese pop culture fan.) But this one I like. I wish I'd realized the author lived in Japan. I could have perhaps played some face-to-face GURPS games while I was living there. Well, when I eventually move back, perhaps. This is in my queue for a deep read-through after I finish up on GURPS Vikings and my DCC Christmas loot . . . well, maybe before, if I count it as extra credit Japanese study.

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