Monday, January 27, 2014

More Mini Painting

Although I say mini painting is a fair weather activity for me, that's not 100% true. It's just largely true that I put my paints away in the fall when it starts getting cold, and then generally leave them until spring. But occasionally I get the bug to paint a bit, and start to eye the temperature and humidity for unseasonably warm days to run outside and spray-seal or prime minis.

In the past couple of days, I managed to:

- finishing base painting 15 minis. All of them are basically fodder (no individual types), and they have the paint that'll stand up to an Army Painter Quickshade coat. No detail work that'll get obscured by pigmented varnish, no drybrushing, etc. So I'll coat them when I can. After that, I'll do the final detail work on top of the varnish, and then wait for another good weather day to go finish them.

- started on another quick paint job. Another monster from my original Bones set.

- did some base coating work on a couple of orcs and a couple other monsters. One orc is waiting for Army Painter shading, although I may just experiment on him with black and brown washing - it depends.

- put a couple more base coats on parts of the way-too-detailed Overburdened Henchman mini that is taking me forever to paint.

I' making good progress, and I'm trying to avoid letting any of these minis go from "bare" to "partly painted" and then into the "finish someday" pile. I have a few of them staring at me already and I don't need more.

Where are the pics?

Bad news everyone! My good camera is still out of commission with a dead proprietary battery pack and no working charger.

But . . .

Good news everyone! The missing piece to the charger to the old-but-good camera I use has been located. Once I go pick it up, I can get back to snapping session photos, finished mini shots, and adding pictures of the minis I use to the DF Hirelings posts.


  1. The Army Painter Quickshade method is godsend when you just want to crank out rank-and-file troops. I've been taking advantage of the "seasonably cold" weather here in Atlanta (allowing my basement to be warm enough) and dipping a lot of Hundred Years' War troops. The weather's good until tomorrow--it's supposed to snow.

    1. I hope the weather worked out for you. I live in an apartment, so there isn't any basement for me to gunk up with Quickshade.

      I actually don't dip anymore, after broken bases from the whip-off part of the process. I brush it on and then wick it off with another brush (and usually end up throwing them away after.) I find that stops some of the really bad pooling on the underside of arms, tentacles, shields, etc., too. because I can give it just enough and take off the excess.


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