Friday, May 8, 2015

Bones III Kickstarter Coming

That didn't take long.

I'm in as soon as it starts. Thanks to the Tower of the Archmage for posting the news.


  1. I wonder if they'll be as rubbery and warp prone as the ones I'm familiar with.

    1. The Bones material hasn't changed. Great for monsters, especially big ones. So-so for characters.

    2. They did tweak the material a bit for Bones II, so it is better. I imagine Bones III will show some improvement too.

    3. I didn't realize they'd changed the formula. They feel the same to me. I just painted a mix of Bones I and Bones II dupes (the mummies, actually) and I can't tell you which are which.

    4. It's less a change, and more of a tweak, adjusting the amounts of hardner they use on the various figures.

      My impression was that the bugbears were firmer this time on their weapons.


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