Friday, May 8, 2015

Iron Wind Chaos Wars Kickstarter

Speaking of Kickstarted minis, Iron Wind is doing a Chaos Wars Kickstarter.

Remember the adds for Ral Partha Chaos Wars back in Dragon magazine?

I sure do.

Looking at the pledge levels, I'm 99% sure I'm going to sit this out. There really isn't any level I could pledge at that will give me the minis I really want. There is a small temptation to just dive in for add-ons, if I can. I'm not sure.

But I sure do covet more of the Black Prince's Elite Guard, aka "Armored Bodyguard":

My veteran players might remember them as Prince Morlan Hagan's personal guard from that time they represented his rival Prince Vladimir Morfailov at a challenge match between the two wizard-princes in my previous 10-year-long GURPS game. Or not.

Hopefully this gets fund and goes well - Iron Wind already cranks out minis, so this seems like a relatively safe bet. If the minis come back into production, I will buy a bunch of that particular mini and any other of the Black Prince's troops. I spend a good amount of time back in 1999 and 2000 buying up all the sealed packs any hobby store or collector had on the internet, which netted me all of four packs of halberdiers and crossbowmen and orcs. I could use more.


  1. I still have the Chaos Wars miniatures rules.

    1. Simple, which is always a bonus. In some ways, they seem like a mixture of ideas similar, in my estimation, to those used in Tactica and Hordes of the Things (which, I realize, seems like an odd combination, but it works). Units have a fixed size (6 cavalry, 12 infantry, or 1 special). Turns have six phases: Initiative and Personal Combat, Spells, Missiles, Movement, Melee, and Morale. Missile and Melee Combat is 1d6 plus/minus modifiers for casualties, divided by an armor rating (usually 1 to 3, but a few have armor 4). Individuals instead roll a number of d6, each 5-6 (4-6 against armor 1, 6 against armor 4) counting as a casualty point, and can take X amount of casualties before being removed. There are variations for different troop types and individuals, of course. For instance, a Winged Panther has an armor of 2, rolls 2d6 for casualties, takes 1 casualty to destroy, and moves at 8 or 10 when flying; cost 2 points. A War Elephant, on the other hand, has armor 3, rolls 8d6 for casualties, takes 6 casualties to destroy, and moves at 8; costing 5 points. Building armies has two pools of points: troop points and fantasy points. Troop points are for most things (even fantastic troops like unicorn or pegasus riders), fantasy points for powerful individual monsters, like dragons and such, and leader types. In some cases, a figure might cost both troop and fantasy points, usually when it's a unit leader. There are other details, of course, but that's the basic gist of it.

    2. Thanks for the summary. It sounds pretty straightforward.


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