Thursday, July 9, 2015

1st edition A&D Players Handbook PDF

In case you missed it in the excitement of the Bones post and me going on vacation, you can now get the AD&D PHB in PDF:

It's listed at $34.95 and marked down to $9.99. I'd argue that $9.99 is the fair price for it, but you never know if it'll go up.

If you play AD&D or just want a PDF reference copy, that's not a bad deal.


  1. I almost jumped on that, since I don't have an electronic copy myself. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the same problems from the original print copy remain in this digital recreation. Bummer!

  2. Can you be more specific, Michael?

    I was wondering what the OCR quality was, as well.

    1. To quote "Rich F" over at the page's review section, there's these:

      This electronic copy has the same errors as the print version, which is disappointing.

      Page 17: Halflings
      "High resistance to magic spells, for every 3'/2" should read "for every 3 1/2"
      "See heat radiation variation at up to 607" should read "See heat radiation variation at up to 60 ft."

      Page 17: Half Orcs
      In the first paragraph, the bolded text - "ADVANCED DUNGEONS ft DRAGONS" should read "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS"
      (The "FT" should be an "&")

      Pg 26: Illusionist spell progression chart.
      There should be no 5th level spell at level 9.

      Page 36: Tack and Harness
      "Barding, Plate 15 S.P." should read "Barding, Plate 500 G.P."

      Page 37: Weight and Damage by Weapon type
      "Axe, Battle: Damage to size L: 1-4" should read "Damage to Size L: 1-8"

      I read a copy of this a long time ago, and remember commenting on a few typos as well, but I don't remember any of them. The PDF's page itself has some more insight, too.

    2. Weird - the original PHB doesn't have those errors.

    3. Interesting; the entry and reviewer implied that they did. I don't personally remember, unfortunately.

    4. I can confirm they aren't in the original.

  3. This isn't the original, this is the reprint from a few years back (note the cover). Sounds like any OCR errors from that are still present here. (I'm not up on just how good that was/wasn't.)

    Also, I'll note that almost everything on D&D Classics has a price matching that of the original print version, with a 'sale' price that seems to be permanent. So, the PDF probably won't go up from $9.99.


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