Friday, July 3, 2015

Four Pirates

I speed-painted two pairs of pirates, two at a time.

All four are Foundry pirates from a pirate horde my players bought me for my birthday over 10 years ago. Whenever you see barefooted hirelings, they're coming from this collection.*

 photo Pirates 001s_zpsnmxr1koz.jpg

 photo Pirates 002s_zpsgs1acmsa.jpg

(click to enlarge either one)

Each one is white primed, and single or double coated (metals are always grey under the metallic, the blue is actually two blues layered.)

They're all coated with a mix that's mostly acrylic floor wax plus a few drops of brown ink. They came out just a little more orange than I'd hoped, but no so much that they aren't satisfactory playing pieces.

The one with a stick is actually supposed to be holding a boarding pike, but the pikes are really long. So I tried a variety of spears, sticks, swords, knives, etc. until I hit on this stump of a stick I cut off of a polearm to shorten it. That works really well as a "walking stick" or maybe a fighting stick. He'd make a good pirate wizard, actually.

* One of my players is getting into painting, so I gave him a couple of duplicates (actually, a triplicate in one case) from the horde. So that's been a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Your technique has come a long way over the years. Comparing these to some of your older pieces it really shows...

    1. Thanks. I'm getting better at speed painting for tabletop, and I'm glad it shows!

  2. The shading came out very well. It may not be translating well in the pictures, but how did the gloss turn out? Did you kill down with matte varnish, or was it fine on its own?


    1. The ink + floor wax combo works wonders. It's like very thin, very extended ink with a hard shell built in.

      Those are glossy right now, because it's too humid to spray seal and I learned that lesson the hard way on my gladiators.


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