Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gaming break

I know some people really look forward to my DF session summaries. There will be a break of about a month and a half before the next gaming session.

Long story short is that I'm taking a trip overseas to see some friends and relatives. We usually have a sporadic gaming schedule in the summer anyway.

This does have some in-game ramifications, though:

- The PCs have around six weeks of downtime. This means complete recovery even for El Murik's dismemberment with a slow and sure Regeneration spell done by an NPC healer. I'll assume when they come back there was a complete restock of available potions to buy, too.

- The bad guys have six weeks of downtime, too. The PCs couldn't manage to finish off the main Cold Fens adventure area and exorcise the evil therein, so it will lurk in the meantime. It may, within the limitations it has, get stronger.

I suppose I could just freeze time, but a successful and central conceit of this campaign is that time passes 1:1 with real time. I can't see changing that just for a vacation. Besides, we've done breaks before without breaking that very easy rule, so we'll do the same here.

I'll post as regularly as I can while on vacation (which starts in a few days) but there won't be any Cold Fens or Felltower until sometime in August.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'll miss gaming, though.

    2. I feel you; too and far between myself these last few years.

  2. Have a nice trip.

    What percentage of 'finished' are they in Cold Fens. Just judging by xp I'd say at least another 10 sessions before they are ready for a mungo level baddie

    1. With the dungeon they're dealing with now? They're close to a resolution, potentially. The whole fens? I could expand it forever.

      They are way more than 10 sessions away from dealing with Mungo . . .


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