Saturday, July 4, 2015

RW&B Wuxia Warriors

We had a rare moderate-humidity day here the other day, so I managed to spray-seal a few minis. One of them was a Black Orc Games 100 Kingdoms Wuxia Warriors figure. I'd link to them but they seem sadly out of business.

He's the one on the right.

 photo Wuxia Warriors 002s_zpssrwkyw1b.jpg

 photo Wuxia Warriors 001s_zpsvfx7skmb.jpg

The one on the left you've seen before - it's the figure I painted for Chuck Morris, the martial artist run by a player of ours who is currently on hiatus. (And it's hard to see from the poses above, but Chuck has a headband with a red sun on it flanked by C and M. I should have made it black with black rays, because CM is the best!)

They came together in a pack, with a single flying base and a regular base. I'd decided the swordsman seemed more like he was actually leaping, and that's why he is airborne. Sadly, none of the clear bases I had worked with him, so I had to settled for painting it "sky blue" and hoping everyone can pretend that's air. I may go back and change the actual base of the base to something darker, though, but I'm not sure.

This is only the second time I've managed a reasonable yellow tinged flesh tone, largely by using white underneath a very light yellow painted on in thin layers. I'm quite pleased with how the guy came out. I love his pose, his braid, and his blades. Everything about him screams wuxia to me, and I wanted a vibrant and deep color scheme to reflect that.

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