Saturday, July 11, 2015

What to get with my Bones III?

So Bones III is rolling along. But I need to make some decisions in the next two weeks about what I want.

Right now, I am thinking:


Core Set - Of course. Best deal, really. Even with the stuff I don't want the price per figure for the stuff I do want is excellent.

A dragon - I don't know which one, but I'm settled on getting a big dragon. I have one in progress at home, but it's full metal and heavy as can be. A Bonesium one would be nice because I can more easily transport it to game. I may get two - that dragon with a rider is cool, but if I can use it without the rider that would be a huge bonus.


Extra monsters - if more monsters show up, I may get more of them. Generally I need 2+ of a given monster in game, so if we get another Dungeon Dwellers type pack (from Bones 2) I may splurge. I tend to paint those immediately and use them soon, so it's a good deal for me.

Tiamat - Long rumored is that Bones III will include, eventually, a multi-headed dragon. I could go for that, if it shows up.


Terrain - I'm not terribly interested. I have some terrain pieces and I don't use them much. I can always use more pillars, more doors, more tables, etc. but rarely need a big Stonehenge looking bit or more specific pieces.

Characters - I really don't need more PC-types. Same with the unique types, like Mouslings. Just have no need of them.

Set Pieces - That awesome set piece of Dragons Don't Share II last time was amazing. But it's a display piece. I don't need a display piece.

Weapons - I'm glad I get some weapon in the core set, but I've got a lot of metal and plastic weapons already. I don't need more - and I have those specific ones already.

Giant Animals - Cheap toystore plastic animals are great for these. I don't need to pay a lot and paint my own.

What I am hoping for

More Fodder - More lizardmen, small orcs (I like the big bones orcs, but they're really big - I'm thinking of the old Dark Heaven Legends orcs), more ogres, etc. I get a lot of use out of these types.

Golems - I'd like to see more golems. A Bones version of Tiki, the wood golem, and the hippo-man stone golem, and so on would be cool. I'd pay for them as an add-on if they became available.

I don't expect this, but it would be cool:

More Core Singles - Actually I'd love to be able to get more singles of the core set members, like the two-headed dog, the regular dog, and the pack mule. It's not worth $60 to get a dupe of all of them, because I only need multiples of a few.


  1. I think some of the terrain bits would be nice. The Henge looks pretty neat, and is more scale neutral than the others. That said, I could make one myself out of foam insulation in a weekend. There's a couple nice figs in there, but I think I'll wait until they're in production to pick any up. When you get yours in, do share your thoughts!

  2. Latest vid says the dragon and rider will be separate...or at least that's the plan.

    1. I think I changed my mind - the dragon looks pretty small. I can make a rider/dragon combo with what I have already. Not worth $10.


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