Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bones III update

So Bones III is rolling along. I've already decided to spend more than I did on either Bones I or Bones II, with little hesitation. I have a bit more to spend on gaming right now, and the deals are good for minis I like.

Stoneskull - yes, I'm in on this. The only monsters in the whole pile I'm not too into are the kobolds, and they look pretty good. I'll trade them if I get them and I'm disappointed by them. Or if someone makes me an offer.

Otherwise, I can use all of those for something. Even the brain in the jar, if only to direct the twin Ape-X figures I have.

Unlike the mishmash of Core Expansion I and II last time, the thematically tied Stoneskull means it's a much easier choice. The Core Expansions were a mix of "really want" plus "kind of want" plus "don't want" and the price was a bit much for the first pairing. Stoneskull is all "really want" plus "tradeable or useable" (kind of want) and even ignoring the ones I don't love it's a great deal for me.

Kyra & Lavarath - Maybe not, after all. The dragon seems small in the video, which makes me think I'm better off converting the dragon I have into a mounted dragon using bits, greenstuff, and riders. I may get one of the $15 dragons, instead. Not sure which one. The crawling one - Mathrangul - is very cool but I can already feel the stress of arguing with my players about how its eyes are clearly in range because its head is so low. But it's a better design than the others, and I can already see myself painting it.

Shub - Maybe. It would be nice to paint a Lovecraftian horror like that. Probably. He's cool but I'm not sure if I'd use him or not. So he's a maybe. Same with the Mythos expansion - it'll need to fill up really nicely for it to be worth $50 to me.

By the way, I love that artillery piece. I have no use for it, especially at $30. That's way beyond my means for a piece that I'll never have a real use for.

It's worth a look. Right now the core set alone is over 100 minis plus bases and weapons for $100, and more coming for sure.


  1. Mathrangul looks really cool. The Frost Giants are also quite awesome.

    1. They are. I just think, I can re-purpose fantasy themed action figures and cheap plastic toys for giants for less than $5 each. Plus I have some giant-sized figures already, so I'm a little concerned when they say they're been able to proportion them differently. Means either they or my other ones might look odd next to each other.

      Sort of like my Reaper pirates (which stand easily 30mm) next to my Foundry and Eureka pirates (which stand upwards of 28mm). The Reapers look very cool, but they make the other pirates look small, as if the Reaper ones had gigantism. I'd worry of the same effect here.


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