Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miniature Abuse

Why do my players love taking any opportunity to stack my hand-assembled, hand-painted minis up like cordwood so I can see exactly how they've stacked up the fallen enemy's bodies?

 photo session-65_swampsedge-cold-fens-ep-7_pic-3_bonfire s_zpsfmucri8r.jpg

It's like making a teetering stack of someone's china to show that you enjoyed the meal.

Think it hasn't happened before?

 photo session-64_swampsedge-cold-fens-ep-6_pic-2_bonfire sm_zpsatrswfsk.jpg

Or before that?

 photo session-61-cold-fens-3_pic-5_rahtnars-kills small_zpsiuyzq2be.jpg

I sense a theme, personally . . .


  1. Gloss Coat + Matte Varnish = peace of mind (mostly). I've a similar phenomenon in the past; must be a player thing. My swords, too, seem to magically invite people to handle them without asking (rusty fingerprints ahoy!)

    1. My players handle my minis with extreme care before, during, and after play. Except when they pile them up to show how they'll be burning them.


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