Saturday, August 22, 2015

Free Game - Barbarian Prince

Actually, it's free games - a number of Dwarfstar games are available for free.

But the one I'm talking about now is Barbarian Prince. Mostly because it came up on boardgame day the other day, and I wanted to make sure I blogged about it so my players would get a chance to check it out.

This is one of those games which I wish was an app or a PC game. I'd play round after round on my computer, where as setting up and playing a solo adventure game is a lot of work I find that - even with a copy printed out - I just won't do. I will soon so I can review it . . . but just looking at it, I'd like to play it repeatedly and offload all of the page flipping, counter moving, and time and resource tracking. Having a physical copy means needing a physical space to play it, and means reading the rules and double-checking to ensure I'm doing it right. Having a computer-arbitrated version means no physical space needed, it's portable, and I can play and learn as I go.

Like Ogre, actually, which also screams out to be a playable one-person game. There was one, but there should be a new one. Along with a PC Barbarian Prince.

Still, I'd pick a physically attractive and well-made reprint of this game up if one were made, especially if it came with a mini I could paint.


  1. There's an app for Android (and IOS, I think) called Road of Kings that is basically a Barbarian Prince clone.

  2. So downloading. Thanks for alerting us this exists.

  3. Great game! I've died sooo many times !

  4. My son and I built copies of Outpost Gamma and Goblin and had a great time with them, but as you say...we didn't see enough upside in going to all that trouble when there are enough single player video games that allow for the though process without the fiddly setup.

  5. I started playing this and I'm starting to think it may be mostly unwinnable in the time frame given. So far I'm 0/10. It takes almost the whole 10 weeks to get across the map once, even if you get the 500 gp or the Staff of Command, I'm not sure how you can get all the way back in the time allowed.


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