Monday, August 10, 2015

Gnoll and Pirate

Two minis that just needed touch up - so I touched them up yesterday.

The pirate is a Foundry pirate, from the same horde I've been painting from for a while. Colors are basically random - I try to make them visually striking or at least visually identifiable for tabletop use.

The gnoll is a Chainmail Gnoll Ranger. That mini came in - I swear this is true - four parts plus the base. I needed to mount the left arm, right arm, and axe/flail backup weapon combo to the torso. It wasn't easy, either. It took pinning and expoxy to get them on.

Both need a sealing coat of lusterless/flat coating.

Also, the bases on both need some serious work not to suck.

But the figures themselves are tabletop ready.

 photo pirate and gnoll 001s_zps6flgffhk.jpg

 photo pirate and gnoll 003s_zpspkppzoen.jpg

 photo pirate and gnoll 002s_zpsrgonwjc5.jpg">

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