Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LJN Action Figures - the N is for Nostalgia

Cleaning out some boxes last night after work, I found these guys:

 photo LJN Figures Small_zpszjhzxg1y.jpg

Mostly intact. Warduke (not sure why people think he's cool, but anyway) has his stuff. Melf's cape broke and he must have had a sword or something. And I know the helmet from the troll king is missing. But the rest is there.

I'll bring them over to my friend's house, where my shambling mound figure lives (minus his treasure sack, which I lost.) I was never careful with my toys. But either way, these guys might find their way home with our newest player, who is way into fantasy gaming and killing monster figures with explosion sounds. Or they'll hang around on the gaming table and we'll debate what Warduke was thinking forgetting half of his armor.

Figured I should take a picture while they're as intact as they'll ever be from now on.


  1. Yeah, Warduke's half suit of armor is wacky, but he looks pretty bad-ass...what's not to like? His helmet rocks! (although totally impractical a realistic sense)

    1. His helmet is an Erol Otus-like masterpiece. The half armor is just sort of pro wrestler bad guy cartoon oddness. With full armor he would be badass.


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