Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pegasus JS-2 tanks

So I had a whole bunch of gift cards with tiny, random amounts of money on them. I recently found out will let you buy gift cards for yourself using other gift cards, from 0.50 and up. So I emptied all of my cards, and with some of the proceeds I picked up this:

I was looking at these for a while, because it's such a good deal for two tanks. They also fit the time period of the other vehicles I have assembled - '43-'45.

One thing that surprised me was the hard plastic molded one-piece tracks. I'm not sure how I'll cleanly get the cut marks off the tracks where I had to clip them from the sprues. But I will manage somehow - a file will do, it's just not going to look as nice as soft plastic tracks can.

I'm going to start putting these guys together ASAP. I figure the best way to go is do them line style - one step at a time, alternating tanks. Once I get them together, I'll take some pictures and review the models as a whole.

I actually think the JS-3 (which didn't see WWII service) is a much cooler looking tank - it's that first tank that looks like the later T-64/T-80 tanks. But they had these, and I do like the JS-2.


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