Monday, August 31, 2015

First JS-2 assembled

I finished one of my JS-2 tanks today while watching something work-related.


- not a lot of flash, but lots and lots of sprue marks to file off.

- I had to cut some of the interior road wheels to make them fit.

- Instructions are mostly clear in retrospect than on first pass.

- Molding is fairly rough.

This isn't terrible for a Soviet tank, though - it does seem appropriately rough but strong. I'll be much more ready to deal with the annoyances on my second tank. Still, I paid about half as much for this tank and that might be showing in the roughness of the model.

Here it is.

 photo JS-2 Side s_zpsd9962but.jpg

Nose on:
 photo JS-2 Front s_zpsdccfgtoj.jpg

Next to my Trumpeter models Tiger II:
 photo JS-2 and Tiger IIs_zpsokewhrg6.jpg

The size seems about right - the Tiger II was taller, longer, wider, etc.

But something about 4 spare external gas tanks screams "victory!" doesn't it? I'll put it with my Tiger II, assemble the other, and then begin to think about painting.


  1. Looks alright, but it definitely has that "soft plastic cheapness" look, though. Could just be the lighting, however!

    Looking forward to seeing the painted version. For some reason I thought Dr. Faust had done one of these, but evidently not.

    1. They're hard plastic, but you are exactly right. I'd be curious to see if the German tanks they do are as rough-hewn. It isn't terribly out of place on WWII Soviet tanks.


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