Monday, August 24, 2015

Is it time to liquidate my Ogre minis?

I'm starting to think about selling my kind of large Ogre minis collection.

A Mark VI, one of the very few I don't seem to have.

I have:

- Deluxe Ogre
- Deluxe GEV
- Paneuro sets 1-6
- Combine sets 1-7, 9-12
- Ogrethulu 1, 2
- assorted minis I bought loose, back when you could buy loose minis and SJG would pay in store credit at 2:1 for articles. Minis made a great way to round out an order.
- some duplicates - Paneuro 1, for example, and probably others I unboxed.

Part of me wants to hang on to these, because they are very cool minis and I'd like to finish painting them some day. The ogres, especially, I did a lot of work on, connecting pieces, filing, gluing, etc. and I find I like to have them around.

A number of the GEVs and heavy tanks I assembled and painted. More I assembled and primed. But as cool as they are, I don't use them.

I may cherry pick out a few display models, or I might pick enough that I could run a scenario or two with minis. But it might be time to admit I don't need all of these sets, and that they have sat unpainted (but opened and inventoried) for 12 years (!) probably means I won't use them. After all, as semi-portable as the boxed Ogre game is, it's less fragile than minis. And I could just use my Ogre minis on the maps and use the counters for the rest. They don't take up any appreciable space - the whole collection takes up only a small portion of my book shelf - less than one section, actually, even leaving them in the VHS boxes they came in.

But I am starting to give more or less concrete thought to selling them off.


  1. Are you having trouble finding people to play the game?

    Sometimes I look at some of my RPG and wargaming stuff and wonder if I should sell, because it's been years since its seen the tabletop. But I keep it because I don't want to regret selling it if the opportunity arise where I can use it again.

    1. Partly that. But if I play Ogre, I can play it much more easily with the boxed game than as a minis game. Plus, I'm not really at the stage where I have enough figures painted and ready to go for an actual game.

      But I hear you - one reason I don't post a lot about "I finally got a copy to replace the one I lost back in the day" is because I have so much I just held onto for decades. That's a concern here. They are cool and not replaceable. But potentially really valuable sold and just dust collectors if held on to. It's a tough decision.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm probably going to sort out the ones I really like and sell the rest - but I've got three work-related deadlines in the next month and a half, so I won't have time to do that until later in the year.

      When the time comes I'll make a list, post some pictures, and start selling them off. Probably on eBay.

    2. Let me know if/when you do ( I'd definitely be interested, and they'll definitely get painted and played. I run Ogre miniatures at conventions all the time, and can always use more figures.

    3. I will make sure and let you know. I've done a preliminary assembly, and I have more than I thought I did. Some stuff I didn't even realized I'd picked up. I'll make a complete list and take some pictures, too . . .


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