Friday, March 11, 2016

5e Friday: Glorious Sun Fist - aka Sunshine

I'm still working on my fluency with D&D 5th edition's character generation system. That, and exploring what I can do. I figured I'd try making a monk. If I did anything wrong, let me know in the comments.

I went with a standard array, all +1 for being human.

Background was a little tough - none of them really fit with how I'd see myself playing this guy. Well, almost none. Turns out "Acolyte" could make an interesting one. I could make this guy a religious monk. A traditionalist type, wandering the world in service to his spiritual order and kicking butt. Because that's what monks are for.

I almost went Folk Hero, and you could easily swap that in here if you want less "Caine" from Kung-Fu and more "36th Chamber of Shaolin" or the conflict from "The Tai Chi Master." I figured that was harder to do for a dungeon delving game so I chose one that doesn't insist on background conflict to keep things rolling.

I also chose hand axes for weapons, despite the fact they aren't normally an optimal choice for a ST 9 character. I had a mini picked out, after all. Lucky for me, simple weapons that aren't heavy or two-handed can use DEX for the damage bonus. I dumped the free 10 darts. I'm not going to use them.

I went with a name that sounded like what you get when you translate the names of sumo wrestlers.

Money is 5d4 = Is 13 gp standard? + 15 gp for background = 28 gp. I get one simple weapon free.

Glorious Sun Fist (aka "Sunshine")
Monk 1

STR 9 (-1)
DEX 16 (+3)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 11 (0)
WIS 15 (+2)
CHA 13 (+1)

AC 15
HP 10
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Unarmed: 1d4+3

Background: Acolyte.

Trait: 6 (Tolerant)
Ideal: 1 (Tradition)
Bond: 4 (Common People)
Flaw: 3 (Piety)

Languages: Common, Halfling

Money: 13 gp
Equipment: 2 Handaxes (1d6+3 slashing) 2lbs each Light, thrown (range 20/60)
Holy symbol
5 pieces of incense
Prayer wheel
Clothing (I'm assuming my robe is vestments and clothing)
Explorer's Pack (Swapped in Silken Rope for +10 gp)

Glorious Sun Fist, aka Sunshine, grew up a farmer and was sent to a local martial arts school to live full time when he was young. There he was taught the precepts of his religion before being sent into the world to spread the goals of his faith. He's very traditional and defaults to "that's how it's done" but is tolerant and friendly. He's got a soft spot for people like the family he grew up with, although he's more focused on his religion than his long-ago family connections. He sees his role as apart from but helping those in need. He prefers to demonstrate the rightness of his faith, not prosthelytize.

 photo Glorious Sun Fist 001s_zpsoecfgb1u.jpg

 photo Glorious Sun Fist 002s_zpsdgaavjdi.jpg


  1. This is 100% NOT the point of your post, but wow, that "Common People" clip is *stupendous*. Love the song, but Ive never seen the real video before...

    Oh, and GO MONK!

    1. I'm glad I turned you on to it. I actually found that song backwards from the William Shatner cover.

  2. Your starting HP are too low. Level 1 starts with maximum HP (8+CON-Modifier = 10HP).
    Also, I think you are supposed to either take the money from your background or the items.

    1. I'll fix the HP.

      I'm not sure what to do on the equipment, though - it's either the stuff listed under Acolyte or 5d4 gp, plus the class stuff? The pick list/gold/background thing throws me off pretty hard.

  3. Don't forget that since the hand axes count as monk weapons, he or she can also do an unarmed attack as a bonus action every round. I usually say that I kick my target after my regular attack. :) This is due to the Martial Arts feature. A spear counts as a monk weapon, and wielded two handed does 1d8 damage for example. You can use Dex or Str bonus when using monk weapons, your choice (again, Martial Arts).

    Per page 143 of the Player's Handbook (first page of the equipment section), you EITHER get the equipment and money from your class and background, OR roll on the starting wealth by class table.

    From your class: shortsword or any simple weapon AND dungeoneer's pack or explorer's pack AND 10 darts.
    From your background: holy symbol, prayer book or prayer wheel, 5 sticks of incense, vestments, common clothes, belt pouch, 15 gp.

    OR you rolled 13 GP on the table in the equipment section and buy the stuff you can afford.

    I'd take the money and stuff from class and background because you get gear AND more money than the roll.

    I like 5e monks. My first monk was a bit of a glass cannon until he got a couple of levels. Two handing a spear plus an unarmed attack each round went through the bad guys quickly, but only a couple of hits and he was down. Get a few more HP and that changed. My current monk is working the same way. He was built using the standard array as well.

    The 5d4 roll for starting money actually isn't bad, since getting any armor is not a good idea, unless your Dex and Wis bonuses are very low. But it can still be more lucrative taking the gear from class and background.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to explain in detail. Monks look like a lot of fun, especially since you gave me some tactics to use if I get to run Sunshine!

  4. is the range of those hand axes 20 ft, yrds or metres?

    1. Feet. All of the D&D5e ranges I've seen have been in feet.


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