Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Three Minis WIP

I had a little painting time yesterday, after doing all of the necessaries for the day. I did my usual - bang away at minis that are sucking out my life by being hard to paint, plus a new mini.

Here are two slightly improved versions of Hasdrubel Barca the wizard and Quenton Gale the druid, plus a barbarian. Usually I make my Chaos Marauders red-skinned, because I did that while trying to do tanned flesh once and it was very cool. Not "reddish" but like "red leather" red. Anyway, this guy I went for a white fleshtone base so I could make him look more like Raggi. Make he's another Ragnarson, I have lots of Ragnarsons in my games.

I figure the barbarian will finish quickly even as I curse the myriad of tiny details on the other two figures. And decide what color to make those gloves - burnt umber is too strong, so I may back down to a tan.

 photo Barbarian Druid Wizard 001s_zpstvv4epd5.jpg

I also rotated a few minis from "finish" back to "storage" since I clearly wasn't making progress on them. This happens often. I try not to force myself to finish minis unless they're needed for game or I just don't like them.

But those two PCs in the shot above need finishing . . . I'm just finding them frustrating to complete to my liking.

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