Saturday, March 12, 2016

TableTopLibrary - a new PDF game seller

There is a new PDF RPG dealer out there:


I set up an account, but I haven't bought anything yet.

As of now, I have files scattered across a few sites:

Warehouse 23


Indie Press Revolution


So do I want a 6th?

I have games across both GOG and Steam, but it's pretty easy to remember what is where. I'm already losing track of where I have files stored. Still, I do appreciate competition and I do approve of multiple purchase channels.

I'm just sure that if prices are equal, I'll stick to already established places just to ensure I have my PDFs all in convenient proximity to each other. If it's cheaper, I'm probably there.

Either way, consider yourself informed of the newcomer!


  1. I went ahead and joined in. Options are good.

  2. "I'm already losing track of where I have files stored."

    Maybe you have so many that this would be a major project, but why not just make a document to keep track of it? Plain text should be sufficient, or you could get really fancy and make a spreadsheet of it that you can sort by various criteria.


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