Friday, March 18, 2016

5e Friday: Otto Markman (Fighter)

I like fighters, especially two-handed weapons. Here is a 5th edition two-handed swordsman I whipped up as part of my practice making characters for the new D&D.

His mini has kind of a short-ish two handed sword - more like a longsword - but I like the pose and the sculpt. And I want to use a greatsword. He's a very old Hundred Years War mini, probably Wargames Foundry.

Otto Marksmann
Fighter 1

STR 16 (+3)
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 15 (+2)
INT 11 (0)
WIS 9 (-1)
CHA 13 (+1)

AC 16 (Mail 16, No DEX bonus, disadvantage on Stealth)
HP 12
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting
Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Perception, Survival
Proficiences: All armor, shields, simple weapons, martial weapons, dice Set, wagon
Abilities: Second Wind

Background: Soldier
Specialty: Infantry

Trait: 6 (Stare down a hellhound) and Custom (No shit, there I was . . . )
Ideal: 4 Might (Stronger is better)
Bond: 5 (Those who fight beside me are worth dying for)
Flaw: 6 (Won't admit he's wrong)

Languages: Common

Money: 8 gp
Set of bone dice
Chain mail
Greatsword (2d6+3 slashing, Heavy, Two-Handed)
Dagger (1d4+3 piercing, Range 20/60, Finesse, Light)
Shortsword (1d6+3 piercing, Finesse, Light)
Light Crossbow (1d8+3 piercing, Range 80/320, Loading, Two-Handed)
20 crossbow bolts
Dungeoneer's Pack

Otto is a strong warrior but he's a bit foolish, having forsaken education in his youth for learning to fight. He's fairly charming, though, so for all of his errors in judgment he's not without a loyal friends.

 photo Otto Markmann 001s_zpsml2xefs8.jpg

 photo Otto Markmann 002s_zpsy418mfeg.jpg


  1. A couple of things to note: (not nitpicking, but I think you're missing a few things during character creation)

    You are supposed to take two traits from your character's background. Page 123 (first printing Players Handbook) section called Personality Traits: "Give your character two personality traits." You only took one with Glorious Sun Fist, too, but I didn't notice it then. :) You don't have to do this, but that's the guideline and I would expect an explanation why if I were your DM. The explanation could be as simple as "I only wanted one." But I'd also allow you to create your own traits and such.

    Otto is probably actually wearing Chain Shirt, which is AC 13 and up to +2 dex bonus. Chain Mail is under Heavy Armor, gives AC 16 and no dex bonus as well as disadvantage on stealth rolls. Actually looking at the fighter starting gear, Otto should have Chain Mail with AC 16 and no dex bonus, disadvantage on stealth rolls. :)

    On the dagger, since it is a finesse weapon, you can use either your strength bonus OR your dex bonus when attacking. Either throwing it or stabbing with it, you can use the better bonus (str +3). Very nice thing about finesse weapons, and something to remember. You can choose which to use on each attack, but why not go for the bigger bonus?

    You forgot to add the +3 and +2, respectively, to the shortsword and light crossbow. Just don't want you to forget those.

    And Greatsword doesn't have Reach, you probably read the line below it for Halberd.

    I don't see where you note the tool proficiencies, one type of gaming set and vehicle (land).

    And you get two more skills from being a fighter.

    This guy looks good. Definitely someone you want on the front of the party.

    1. he's going to have his chance tonight. Oh, yes.

    2. Freddy - Thanks, I'll make the changes later when I have time.

      Doug - Sadly, I drank an expired potion yesterday and had to skip. Maybe tonight I'll try this guy out.

    3. I like this guy. I took a picture of his helmet at the Met about a week and a half ago.


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