Monday, March 7, 2016

Orc Chief painted

I finished that orc chief I was working on:

 photo Orc Chief 003s_zps4qf1c4sk.jpg

 photo Orc Chief 004s_zpsehnj9hbc.jpg

Not bad.

He'd still make a better statue or skirmish game piece than a RPG gaming piece. But I'll find some kind of way to use him. After all, it would have been a shame to make him a statue instead of a bloody green-skinned marauder whose style takes after Rampage Jackson.

The blood I've been asked about before - base Apple Barrel Colors Burgundy, then a mix of Reaper Ruby Red Ink with more Burgundy on top to get the bright shine without losing too much of the depth of the red.

1 comment:

  1. Wait ... his axe head is riveted together?

    Fantasy: making increasingly implausible battle-axe heads since the Second Age.

    Nice mini.


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