Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Skull-helmet quote

I wish I'd bookmarked this passage to quote in Barbarians:

"The barbarians wore only skins of mammoths and polar bears, along with boiled leather with plates of seal bone sewn onto it, and, instead of helmets, they used the skulls of animals from the Desolate Lands, which gave them a rather terrifying appearance. They were armed with axes and clubs, because they knew almost nothing of about bows and arrows. In battle they often went completely berserk."
- Alexey Pehov, Shadow Blizzard

Still, nice. I'm doubly glad I made sure to include skull helmets in Barbarians (page 29).


  1. Does the skull helmet affect Beefcake Protection? I'm guessing no, it's too cool to deny.

    1. I'm of two minds on that. On one hand, it's very cool. On the other hand, getting the "nothing but a loincloth" benefit while also getting bonuses for intimidating headgear and DR on your most vulnerable location seems like it's abusing the letter of the rules to eke out bonuses.

    2. Valid point. I wasn't thinking so much of the bonuses granted by the helmet as much as not losing the bonuses for Beefcake Protection.

    3. I'd probably treat it as +1, not +2, as if you had only a bare chest, to balance out any benefits from the helmet.


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