Wednesday, March 9, 2016

80 degrees, 25%, 45 minis - Spray-Sealing Weather

This afternoon, it hit 80 degrees (more, actually) and 25% humidity.

I went out in my shorts and t-shirt and used up at least half a can of Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Spray on 45 minis.

It took about 40 minutes to do.

I knocked off:

- a dozen orcs, a mix of BTD and TSR

- over a dozen monsters

- some terrain bits (which aren't even counted in the 45)

- re-sprayed an ogre I had that had worn off a bit of matte spray

- Mo, Brother Ike, and Hjalmarr from my game

- two Gamma World mutants

- a troll

- some old character minis

- a pirate

- some demons

I even forgot a few - I had so many minis queued up I didn't even get to them all.

It's nice when the weather really cooperates - warm, dry, sunny.


  1. Good job by you. Let's see pictures!

    1. I must refuse to do so on the grounds that it would be self-incriminating evidence of the number of minis I actually own.

      Which, if any of my family members is reading this, is a very small number, only about 75-80% of what you'd think was a reasonable number.*

      * Not counting the ones in the boxes. Or in the trade pile. Or the maybe pile. Or the painted ones. Or those on order.


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