Sunday, February 26, 2017

Felltower Game Prep Notes

Today we've got a session of Felltower. It'll be interesting to see how it goes, as the guys who run by far the two heaviest hitters in the game - Vryce and Dryst - are out due to scheduling conflicts.

That leaves a smaller group - Has', Hjalmarr (and Brother Iklwa), Mo, Gale, and Alaric the Scout (a player tryout). NPCs may be available, as the PCs are trying to hiring one or two deliberately and may be able to whip up some others. The more veteran ones are probably around but would ask for more loot - guys like Melchior the Malevolent, for example, will take half-shares in a large and powerful group but won't settle for less than a full share given a smaller and weaker team.

What the group can accomplish will be also somewhat less, since they'll lack Vryce's firepower and relative invulnerability and all of the utility provided by Dryst (lightstones, servants, created tools and clothes as needed, Dark Vision, aerial mobility, Silence, etc. etc.)

On the bright side, there is a lot to do, armed with a Scout they'll have a much better chance at dealing expeditiously with orcs and rats and other mundane foes (assuming they can get within eyesight of them), and money is split better split fewer ways . . .

So will they go after the Lord of Spite? The orcs? Through that gate that seems to go the Lost City? Wander around cleaning up their maps? Try the big doors in the caverns? Try to puzzle out one of the other puzzles in the dungeon?

We'll see in a few hours.


  1. From my experience players will go for the lowest risk option they have when missing their strongest allies.
    So probably not the Lord of Spite and not the Lost City. Maybe a skirmish with the Orcs (but no committed attack), but probably cleaning up the map. Maybe even trying the things where time seemed to preciously before, like searching for other ways into the dungeon.

    On the other hand this is a DF game. While these options are logical for a more story-driven campaign your players are here to go for the treasure and not to gain a minor advantage for the next time when they are back in strength.

    1. Nevermind story-driven, the moment the players adventure primarily to gain a minor advantage next time Vryce and Dryst are back they're basically saying this game is all about Vryce and Dryst and they are the supporting cast. At that point I'll just rename it GURPS Vryce & Dryst's Felltower Adventure and refer to the rest of them in the theme song as "all the rest" to rub it in.


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