Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Writing Update

Quick update on writing, which might explain why there hasn't been as much in-depth material here. Well, that and getting distracted by other work, research and reading, and a lot of studies. I can paint or prep minis while I'm listening or watching work-related things, but I can't concentrate on writing and listening at the same time. So that's why there are so many minis lately!

As for writing:

- I put in a short Pyramid article expanding on something from GURPS Martial Arts that someone had suggested I'd expand. It was one of those, "Why doesn't X include Y?" questions that made we say, "Not only should I add Y, but Z and beyond." Hopefully it sees print.

- I started in on another Pyramid article, aimed at DF, which hopefully will be useful for beginners and veterans alike. Not a rules expansion so much as something to speed up a part of play that grinds things to a halt in my own games. Those kind of tools help me, and hopefully they'll help others.

- I put in the mental framework assembly to take some outtakes from a previous book submission into some kind of useful, usable, and most importantly saleable form. The actual writing isn't done, but I now know what I'm going to include.

I'm not sure what the timeline on any of these are like, but hopefully that's a rough order of when you'll see them.

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