Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Minis

I finished some minis prep and a little painting got done somehow.

Pictures after the cut.

 photo Monday Minis 2-6-17 001s_zps0mfesucv.jpg

Those are two Games Workshop plastic Empire infantry. I'm doing them up as Renaissance mercenaries, complete with bright colors and slashed sleeves. They're base coated.

The swordsman is purely GW, the other has a mace from somewhere else, I can't recall from where. I like the idea that he's grabbed that mace as a backup weapon from someone still toting an anti-armor weapon in an era of lighter armored infantry and gunpowder. It'll make him a useful and interesting NPC in Felltower, too.

 photo Monday Minis 2-6-17 002s_zpsm2gutds8.jpg

These are four Hundred Years War armored archers from Black Tree Design. I just like armored archers, since we so often link "archer" and "unarmored" but that's not uniformly true historically. Blame me playing Cry Havoc, Siege, and Outremer.

Next up are more dwarves.

 photo Monday Minis 2-6-17 003s_zpskd4x4xpa.jpg

Those are three TSR dwarves and two more Iron Hills dwarves from Black Tree Design. Two of the dwarves - the ones on the ends - are from a three-figure pack from TSR that came with weapons you could mount in their hands and a variety of shields. Both have shields from the original pack but have weapons from Reaper weapon packs. I find pure lead weapons are just broken minis waiting to happen.

Case in point, the second dwarf from the left. He's a TSR dwarf from their Fighters, Paladins, and Rangers boxed set. His axe broke off long ago. So I drilled out his hand and put in a Thunderbolt minis axe. I love those weapons because they're very small. They're very stiff pewter, very sturdy, but small. So they're easy to retrofit into the hands of older minis and they don't break/ Plus, they look appropriately sized instead of oversized like most modern mini's weapons. Those weapons make the encumbrance values in AD&D-influenced games seem reasonable, where the smaller weapons like that dwarf's axe make the GURPS numbers (which are a bit high, and canonically include the sheath, etc.) make sense. Yes, that little axe might only be 3-4 pounds, and yeah it looks like it'll kill you pretty efficiently.

The one in red is kind of coming out pretty Santa, and I'm trying to combat that without repainting him entirely.


  1. Shift your highlights on the red to a burnt orange/red ochre scheme?

    1. That might help. They're only basecoated now, and brights are always tough for me to shade and highlight. So that's useful to me, thanks.


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