Monday, February 20, 2017

Expanded Realistic Injury in Pyramid

I forgot to mention this, but Pyramid 3/100 come out last week.

One of my articles is in it, expanding the Realistic Injury rules in GURPS Martial Arts.

You can lay this one at the feet of Shawn Fisher, who pretty much literally asked for more of this detail in an email after watching Ronda Rousey lose to Holms. Also, Steven Marsh, who leadingly asked, "Do you have an article that would fit in this issue?"

I pretty much just expanded on what you'll find in GURPS Martial Arts. The article includes breaking jaws, missing teeth, cauliflower ear, temporary disfigurement from injury, and so on. It also has some protective gear (mouth guards and ear flaps), rules for a variety of permanent impairments, and a simplified system if you like the concept but hate to look stuff up.

There is a lot more than just my article in there, but if you like mangled faces, disfigured ears, and long-term consequences to fighting, I've got a couple of pages in there for you.


  1. When would I make rolls for either Permanent Injury or Lasting Partial Injuries? Any time my character takes damage?

    1. Whenever the specific location calls for it for P.I., and whenever you suffer enough injury to get a partial injury penalty.

  2. Definitely need to give this one a read; cheers!

  3. How would you deal with Sharks? Page 33 mentions "Regrowth (p. B80) will regrow lost teeth; if so, each tooth takes 1d months – concurrent"

    Sharks can't regrow fins/tails like they can their teeth though, so what sort of limitation would that be?

    Plus they probably have some regeneration: regrowth only reflecting the backup rows of teeth they have that slide into place when front row ones chip off.

    1. I don't really stat out anything with full point costs anymore, except for PCs, so I really don't know off-hand what kind of limitation would apply. "Teeth Only" for Regrowth seems pretty limited, so it shouldn't be too expensive. It's useful in a non-trivial way in a non-magical setting, though.

  4. I think I found a mistake in Realistic Injury.
    p.32, Lasting Partial Injuries:

    [QUOTE]Success means the effects remain until the lost HP are
    healed. Failure means the injury is lasting [B](1d months)[/B]; failure
    by 3+ means the effects continue for [B]1d months[/B].[/QUOTE]

    "Ordinary failure" should be 1k6 weeks, or something? Or failure by 3+ gives ADDITIONAL 1d months?


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