Monday, February 13, 2017

Disadvantage swaps in DF Felltower

(No summary today - I worked and/or trained all day, but I wanted to get this post in anyway)

I put up a series of posts on disadvantages recently because they'd been on my mind. A number of players had disadvantages that just didn't fit their PCs anymore, didn't fit the game in the first place (mostly discovered as we played), or so tightly overlapped other people it was hard to see it matter. So a few got swapped out.

Hjalmarr, for example, swapped out Vow (Never refuse a challenge to combat) for Squeamishness. That's a tough disadvantage to deal with in DF, and it's off-template, but his player definitely plays him that way. After all, he already "dislikes" a bewildering variety of slimes, bugs, effusions, infusions, effluvia, gasses, smells, sounds, animals, events, and more. So that fits and it's a definite game play upgrade. The vow was also hard because Vryce has it, so if they're together, and it's not common for challenges to be issued for one knight nevermind for two. So now he's a Viking who loves being splattered in blood but doesn't want you to even mention spiders or slimy things.

Hasdrubel had a few disadvantages he barely played (Curiosity, for example) and one that didn't work well in the game (Obsession to create a city-destroying magical storm). But he sure played a total disregard for the lives of everyone around him, self-justifying power grasping, and twisted logic (evil is good, because evil leads and leading is good, so I'm evil, which is why I'm good.) He now has Callous and Obsession (Gain more power no matter what).

Dryst was long overdue to get rid of Weirdness Magnet, which I chose to ditch from the campaign. His player really wanted to get rid of Sense of Duty, since it didn't fit Dryst as he actually acts when the chips are down ("I'll help . . . if that's the most sound long-term thing to do here.") He ended up with Clueless (he does play Dryst close to that) and Laziness. Since as far as any of us can recall, Dryst has never done any actual physical labor, that seems pretty appropriate. He learns spells in town by using Wild Talent (with Retention) to buy them, not by actually studying, and when not Levitating has servants carry him.

Mo tweaked his Berserk to ditch Battle Fury as his player is a bit more tactically cautious than his disad forced him to play. He has Bloodlust, which he absolutely has played to a "T" since early on.

Overall it was a good series of changes - all for the as-played, and all for positive roleplaying improvements.

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