Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dragonhorn Bow

I didn't want this to get lost in the comments. Here is what a dragonhonr bow does in my DF game, Felltower:

"Horns can be sliced up into strips and used as fronting for a dragon-slaying composite bow. You'd need to pay the construction cost for the bow (at least fine quality, as well) and the enchantment cost, but if you got it up to +3 Puissance and Accuracy (even if vs. Dragons only) it would get the "slaying" quality - any crit is max damage, any 3 is 3x max damage. One bow/horn."

"Dragons only" as a Puissance limitation would be the Bane enchantment ($2000) and reduce the cost of Puissance in half. So Puissance +3, Dragons only, on an otherwise Puissance +1 bow would be $90,000 (10,000 energy, divided by 2, minus 500, times $20.)

As I said to my players, "This may seem stingy, but these things are not available for sale, anywhere, so it's a gateway to a special magic item." And it is. Don't expect to just find dragon slaying or dragon horn bows laying around. Want one? Kill a dragon.


  1. Do you have other Slayer materials? Or are dragons that much of extra special breed?

    1. Just dragons, as far as the players know so far. It's possible there are others, but generally, yes, dragons are that much of an extra special breed.


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