Friday, August 10, 2018

Gamma Goals

I think we need some goals for our GURPS Gamma Terra game.

Personnel Goals:

We need promotions. It's come up again and again in game. We're chipped in the head to be low-ranking E-somethings; we want to be treated as high ranking O-somethings.

So let's talk upgrade paths.


Promotion Paths:

Caveman-> Captain Caveman
Momma's Boy -> Momma's Man-Child -> Momma's Man*
Princess -> Prince Princess -> The Sniper Formally Known as Princess
Short Bus -> School Bus -> Bus
Barbie -> Ken
Hillbilly -> Mountainbilly**
Love Handles -> No Higher Lover Handles
Oinker -> Link Hogthrob

* Actually, a path in name only. He'll always be Momma's little boy.

** I should have named Hillbilly "William Everest." Sadly, he's Arnold Maytreks ("it's e, but pronounced with a short i sound.")


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