Monday, August 27, 2018

Game Inspiration - MER's Lovecraft story

I aspire to get to this level of perfectly tuned silliness:

"The coffin was heavily enslimed with ages of accumulated muck, but strange glyphs could still be seen on its rim, and along the side of the lid. No sentient being had ever read them; they had been placed on the stone in some unfathomable way by a group of sinister creatures who had left no trace of themselves, not even the glyphs."
- Mark E. Rogers, "The Book of the Dunwich Cow," in The Adventures of Samurai Cat

I don't really do gonzo. I don't really do all-out silly. But there is at least some silliness in my games. I don't know that I'd stick the above into my dungeon, but it does inform what I do pretty heavily.


  1. My favorite silly/gonzo/over-the-top game moment came from a homebrew CoC mystery/wainxcot fantasy run by a friend of mine.

    A Mummy was killing people in a nearby museum (and out in the city as well). It was only active during the full moon and was seemingly indestructible when interred within it's coffin. So we did the research. Turns out that their was this gold scarab that "when placed upon it's breast would render the dead king immobile". It was the scarab of Such-and-Such. So we search out this scarab...

    When we found it we realized why it would render the mummy sessile. The scarab was over 8 feet long and 3 feet high. It had to weigh several tons.

    1. Sounds like if you dropped it on the mummy's chest, he'd become more than just sessile . . .

    2. I love the Samurai Cat series

    3. Me too. They're a bit uneven, but when MER is one - "Book of the Dunwich Cow," "Beyond the Black Walnut," or pretty much all of "Samurai Cat in the Real World," for example - he's really on.

      He's why I occasionally put "NJ" and "the GM's house" on the corner's of my maps.

  2. I forgot how good the first book is. All I remember is the over the top Conan stuff. And defeating K'Chu with L. Ron Hubbard's toenail clippings.


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