Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Musing on the next session in Olympia

Our next Felltower session may be our second session with the group currently adventuring in Olympia.

They seem to have plans to do three things:

- seize whatever treasure there is within the Caves of Serpents;

- visit the Forge and get the cyclops there to make someone a powerful magical weapon;

- escape back to Felltower (they hope) via the gate to the underworld, somehow bypassing its guardian in the process.

It's mostly the rest of what was set out as possible things to do in the immediate area of their arrival gate other than visit Olympia.

We'll need 6-8 players. Any lower and it's getting unwieldy.

Any more and we don't have enough PCs and NPCs to run.

Someone needs to replace Alaric's player, as he went back to college despite Felltower being the font of all that is worth learning.

Someone can run Ike, if we get an overage.

And someone may have to run Dryst, because we're not sure Dryst's player can make it . . . and it takes an experienced hand to run a 400+ point wizard with 117 spells, Wild Talent, and an unorthodox strategy for powering spells (basically, everyone else does it for him.)

I think we can get this all done in one session. If not, well, I'm probably giving two sessions worth of XP to the PCs. No sense in rewarding lollygagging and time-wasting. Unless they come up with a compelling reason to expand their mission, in which case, I may expand the XP. Chronos is out there, for the truly bold . . .


  1. How does CP work when someone is not themselves?

  2. "Chronos is out there, for the truly bold"

    But who has the time?

  3. What happens if a PC dies while being run by another player?

    1. The PC is dead. Then we move on normally. See Total Party Teleport II for example.


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