Saturday, August 18, 2018

Felltower B-Team, Assemble!

Tomorrow is our next game of Felltower.

Unfortunately, two of the players that came last time can't make it. It seems like to the players that's enough that we'll go with a "B-Team" of characters instead.

Jaspar's player, the son of one of our gamers, suggested that the B-Team rush through the same gate and join the A-Team. His dad shot that down; I did, as well, because the difficulty of everyone having two characters plus having more on the side who need to be run, plus Ike, would be logistically too difficult.

Instead I've been getting a last-minute rush of backup characters to check out. We'll see how they turn out.

But this also means game prep I didn't do needs to get done:

- I have to clean the flash off of Jaspar's mini and see if I can get him based for tomorrow. It's been too hot and too damp to do so yet.

- I have to do the rumors, which I'd left alone because I wouldn't need them for a few sessions.

- I need to check that I have the right minis for a regular dungeon delve, and possibly the orcs in case the PCs make a sally against them.

So, on to game prep . . . the B-Team assembles tomorrow!


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