Monday, April 15, 2019

Gene Wolfe, Thanks for the Writing

We lost an amazing author yesterday - someone whose work I discovered thanks to GURPS.

Gene Wolfe

"Read This Each Day

I write of what has just occurred. The healer came into the this tent at dawn and asked whether I recalled him. When I said that I did not, he explained. He gave me this scroll, with this stylus of the slingstone metal, which marks it as though it was wax.
My name is
Latro. I must not forget. The healer said that I forget very quickly, and this is because of a wound I suffered in a battle. [. . . ] He said I must learn to write down as much as I can, so I can read it when I have forgotten."

- Gene Wolfe, Latro in the Mist

I recommend Latro in the Mist and Soldier of Sidon, and the New Sun books. They're not easy to read, but they're a delight to read at the same time. I'm sad there won't be more.

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