Saturday, April 13, 2019

The long, slow learning process of War in the East

As I mentioned, I picked up War in the East (and War in the West).

Learning to play is . . . a process.

The manual for WitE is very clearly written. But it's almost 300 pages. It's dense. The detail is immense.

A quick trial of the Minsk scenario quickly put me in my place - the manual must be read before I get anywhere. Got it.

WitW isn't any easier. I fired up Operation Husky - the invasion of Sicily - and it was even harder to get started on.

Both of the games are beautiful. The detail is excellent. The music is good (although I turn it off ASAP - a personal preference.) The graphics are clear. I feel like I need a gigantic monitor just so I can step back and see the frontage more clearly and get a feel for the whole battle area. I probably don't, but it gives that feeling.

My plan is to go back to War in the East after I finished reading this manual, watch a video or two of gameplay, and then try again. It doesn't matter how well I do, just that I learn to play. From there I can try to win the game, and try bigger and bigger scenarios. This is probably time I don't have a lot of, but I can do it in chunks and don't have to worry about jostling the map.

Still, having this game project to work on makes me happy. This is the detailed game I always wanted, on the massive scale I'd always dreamed of. I just can't say no.


  1. To be fair, Operation Husky involves amphibious operations which along with airborne ops are not obvious or intuitive (though they make sense in some respects). Once I got that from the tutorials/manuals, I was able to figure out the basics (and I mean super basic stuff like moving and combat) fairly quickly. Supply is probably the thing I still need to work on. I'm always outrunning my supplies and never 100% sure I know how to get back in supply. That said, there's so much to dive into (reassignment of commanders/units/support, different movement modes, and so on), I don't blame you at all for taking it slowly. Was just happy WitW had a Cobra/Goodwood scenario.

    1. That's why as physically small as that is, I'm doing better trying with the Minsk encirclement. At least that's land-only and I can mostly just move units and do Hasty Attacks.


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