Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Misc Late Night Notes for 4/30

Quick update, since I was out all day and it's late here:

- I have to provide a little more writing to my current GURPS writing project, which I'll get onto soon.

- I'm in a very interesting GURPS playtest. I don't have that much time, but I can get in comments here and there. It's been a while.

- I need to review some tactical options with a couple of the players. I don't like to actively kibitz during a game, but I did notice two of the newer players overlooked a chance to hit something. And I need to check the numbers - one PC missed a foe on a back shot, which leads me to think the player miscalculated because a standard character built on that template has over skill 16, so the only misses should be 17s and 18s in that case.

Maybe I'll even have time to get in the additional game notes that are swimming around in my brain.

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