Sunday, September 1, 2019

Felltower pre-summary

Today, the Felltower crew descended to the "apartment level" and entered the "forest gate."

The seven-PC team encountered:

- weird, warped, and alien vegetation,

- vegepygmies

- hostile faeries

- hostile nixies (maybe)

- hostile bugs

and hostile giant flies and killer plants.

Much fun was had by all, which means everyone except the PCs and poor "hey, my arm's crippled, it must be turn one of the fight" Crogar.

Annoyingly, I forgot my PC's adapter and no one had a compatible one. I ended up needing to copy my critical files to a USB key, put them on our host's spare laptop, and run game off of that. Then, I had to reverse the process (plus delete the versions on his PC) to clean up. Aargh.

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