Monday, September 30, 2019

Random Links for 9/30

Just some random things for today.

- The Kickstarter for Bones V is 12 noon tomorrow. I'd post a link if I had one.

- Who had a great game session? this guy right over here. If the things he needed to rule on are any indication, it was a fun game.

- I mentioned the other day that I won my first game of War in the East. That's not technically true - I've gotten minor victories here and there on small scenarios, but not on a larger one. In any case, I swapped back to the Axis for a game and I've seen what a vast amount I learned from running the Soviets, watching the AI. I'm not perfect but I've done much better. I've gotten much, much better at logistics, shifting around units to different HQs, assigning support units, knowing where to repair rails first, and how to pocket units with isolation. I'm still learning but I feel more comfortable and I'm enjoying the true challenge of the game - deciding what to do, not learning how to manage the game. Not that that isn't challenging, but it's not the challenge I'm the most interested in.

- One of my friend's clients and I were speaking the other day. She asked if I knew what GenCon was. Heh. Yes, yes I do. She's not a gamer, but she's in a related field and GenCon is a big event for her.

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