Monday, September 9, 2019

Twlight 2000 1st edition boxed set photo repost

This is the edition of Twilight: 2000 that really grabbed me. I bought it based on the adds in Dragon, and I loved it. I got to play very little of it, but I own most of the supplements for it. They're amazing. With the right group - a wargamer-heavy group, especially - it would have been amazing. Some of the design decisions - such as the really long equipping-the-group part of character generation, the roll-well-or-die aspect of determining your initiative score, and the whole "bullets" vs. "shots" issue ("This game is bullshit, a revolver doesn't only have 2 shots!") . . . all conspired to not let me run it in high school.

But I still love the game for all of the other things I got out of it. And it's still attractive today. Check out this post:

Twilight 2000 1st edition box set photo gallery


  1. My brother and I were both military gearheads and played the heck out of the game back in the day. The cool part of rediscovering it now is seeing all the depth to the setting that I was oblivious to back then.

  2. I had this edition, but at the time I couldn't get my head around the mechanics. Always wanted to play it, I loved the concept.


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