Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Custom minis from Felltower 92

Last game session, I debuted some homemade killer plants.

The story on these things goes back a long ways. I made them, originally, for my previous campaign. More than 15 years ago, I saw these seed pods on the ground while walking my mom's dog. So I went back and gathered up some especially nice looking ones.

Then I trimmed them, mounted them, and carefully painted them. I left some the original color, and painted others purple and others a sickly green, with the "mouths" limned pink.

They're very tricky to store - they break, they've had to be hand-mounted with glue and held in place, and they're not small. I'm not sure if I'll keep them or not. I may, and then just discard them when I eventually move to a smaller place. But they've served the purpose I built them for years and years ago.

Their stats were a mix of my own, and a bit of Charles Saeger's. You'll see more plants that have his fingerprints on it, in mini (perhaps) and in combat (for sure) before the PCs escape this green hell finish this exciting adventure!


  1. I want a triffid mini, in the unlikely event someone has created one ever.

    1. My casual search didn't even turn up a DIY triffid mini.

  2. Looking at that picture, all I can hear is "FEEEED ME!!!" I hope your players are enjoying the Little Plane of Horrors!


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