Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Evil Tree Minis

One of my players got three really good pictures of the "evil trees" from last session.

Here they are, earlier in the day and backlit by sunshine as they stand near the "stain."

The first is of the main one - it's Treehbeard from Reaper Minis. I bought him a long time ago, for - if my notes are correct - $19.95. I painted him up carefully and, in my opinion, well.

And then I black-washed him . . . and used ink, not paint, to make the wash. Oops. I trashed the mini.

I had to sit down and re-paint over the original paint, bringing up highlights, repainting every single leaf one by one, then re-drybrushing him, etc.

The effect is pretty excellent, if I say so myself.

I don't recommend the experience to anyone.

The second picture in that post is one of two Reaper Bones wood golems (I think.) They're nice killer trees. I picked up two of them from Miniatures Giant a while back.

The second picture is of the evil tree throwing Galen, which was amusing to me.

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