Sunday, December 22, 2019

Last Felltower of 2019 Game Prep

I did a lot of game prep today.

- I wrote rumors to fill in the rumors table.

- I reviewed the Felltower .doc file for any needed updates. I didn't restock, exactly, so much as follow up on any notes I'd left to myself in the file. Months have passed since anyone entered Felltower (September 2nd, to be exact) so there are a few months of changes that needed to be made.

- I did some reading on my own available templates, as we'll have at least one new PC next time. Possibly more than one, as one player is making noises about using another character if the rest of the group chooses something too lethal for his main character.

The other new character? well, one of my players is going to bring one of his players for a trial session, as she'll be in town and wants "to see what nightmare mode is like." Yeah, I'm down with that.

Nightmare mode? Yes. I'm DF on Hard Mode. Dryst's player, if he ran game, would run it as Hardcore Hell mode. I'm unreasonably tough; he'd just be amusingly unfair.

So she can get a one-time taste of what it's like. Maybe it'll live up to it's billing. Maybe not. Maybe she'll have great memories. Maybe she'll just have a dead PC. We'll find out.

- I prodded the players to spend their plethora of points (and their cash, now that I think of it) by email and not at the beginning of next session.

All I have left to do is re-assembled the DF crate to ensure I have only what I need for DF and not for AD&D, double-check a new PC or two, and do some other little bits of prep. Hopefully the PCs will use this Christmas week to plan their delve!

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