Friday, December 20, 2019

Oddball Sherman: Purchased

So I purchased one of the Oddball Sherman kits. I couldn't resist.

I don't even play Bolt Action. But it'll just be a nice piece to have in my collection. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can assemble it and paint it. I guess I need to invest in some olive drab paint!


  1. Depending on the paints you use (and your understanding of mixing) you could just mix your own. I find Olive Drab is an easy one, I use Apple Barrel, Ohuhu, and Darice brand acrylics and they mix well together. Just some generic green* and some brown and vi-oh-la, olive drab.

    But then, if you have sudden use for olive drab (desire to paint Tomorrow Men minis intensifies!) then yeah, buying a whole tube/pot of it is a must.

    1. I'm pretty poor at mixing, honestly, so it's probably going to be easier to find a kit by Vallejo, give them some money, and have it done right.


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