Monday, December 16, 2019

All for the love of sunshine: Oddball's Tank in miniature

As a huge fan of Kelly's Heroes, you know I love this:

That's Oddball and his tank crew - Turk, Moriarty, his driver, and the man himself. The mini includes:

- all of their extra gear strapped to the tank;

- their barrel lengthener to give the enemy the impression they've got a 90mm instead of a 75mm;

- and the loudspeaker for playing soothing music, such as this:

Love this.

Now I need to dig up my copy of GURPS WWII and stat up a modified Sherman for Oddball's crew to drive. They've got the fastest engines in the European Theater of Operations, forwards or backwards. That's got to be worth a full variant write-up . . .


  1. 90mm gun? No WWII Sherman in the ETO had a 90mm. I presume the 90mm thing is from the film.

    1. You clearly haven't seen the film. They put a length of pipe on the end of the barrel so it looks like a 90mm gun to scare the Germans. Also, it says "impression" in the post, so I thought I'd made it clear it wasn't actually mounting a 90mm gun.

    2. It's also worth noting that we can feel confident in asserting things with the benefit of historical perspective that wouldn't necessarily seem so obvious at the time.

      That said, Kelly's reaction in the movie to the comment makes it clear that he thinks Oddball must be smoking... what he was probably smoking.


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